Contextual advertising on the Internet: Яндекс.Директ, Google AdWords

Advantages of contextual advertising Rates Order contextual advertising
Contextual advertising is a VERY effective tool for attracting visitors to the site. Its high effectiveness is justified by targeted users only.
In the case a potential visitor enters the required query in the search box, he sees your advertisement message and a link to the website. Herewith, the payment is charged for clicks only. In other words, the budget for advertising on the Internet is not wasted - you pay only for the actual visitors of the website.

What we do when receiving an order: contextual advertising in IT Grade

Each order has its own specifics, therefore it is necessary to analyze your proposal at the initial stage, the competitive environment, etc. Basing on the results of the analysis, a list of key phrases is chosen according to which the advertisement message will be displayed.
Your Internet advertisement will be shown on the largest search engines through their official services Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords.
The cost consists of two parameters:
  1. Work of our specialists
  2. Payment for contextual advertising
The latter depends on the geographical coverage of the target audience, as well as the key phrases themselves. The work of the specialists consists of the development of an advertising strategy and its maintenance. In order to save money, you can order the development alone, and take over the campaign run.
You can see the definite price in the Tariff section
Is it advantageous to run a COMPANY by yourself?
If the advertising company is conducted by a specialist of our office, it is then accompanied by continuous monitoring. What does it include? This is the analysis of its effectiveness in practice. As it goes, changes are made to improve performance. Therefore, the entire budget spent on advertising, will bring you maximum profit. If the process is not observed by a specialist, then, as a rule, part of the money is wasted.
Every month we send a report to our customers on the work done. Here all the statistics for the previous period are indicated: the funds spent and the balance. The reporting package and recommendations for the website, which we develop is based on the behavior of visitors. And also there is an approximate calculation of the remaining funds for the advertising on the Internet in the future period.
Tariffs for contextual advertising

4 tariffs, among which there is definitely the one right for you!

Tariff Start Sprint Cross Marathon
Price per month (in rubles) 5 000 6 500 7 500 9 500
Number of ads 250 500 750 1 000
Creation time (in business days) 1 2 3-4 3-4
Maintainance (correction of insertion, words removal
Website audit
Set up website conversion
Yandex Metric
Competitors' observation
Advertising on thematic platforms
A / B ad test
Links to different pages
Разработка уникального товарного предложения (УТП)
А/Б тест сайта*
* А/Б тестирование сайта проводится только на сайтах, разработанных нашей компанией.

В IT Grade каждый клиент получает прозрачную и ясную отчётность, честный подход специалистов и бесплатные советы по улучшению сайта. Мы болеем за то, чтобы ваши проекты росли и развивались!

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